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Stand up and say something. You have a message. Maybe you already have a brand or are building it. Get it out there. Print it on everything.

One of our most popular products are banners. We’re going to tell you why.

With vivid colors and eye catching designs, our banners are customized to draw attention from the street. You only get a couple of seconds of advertising as someone is walking by. You must capture their attention. And guess what? Your competitors already know this. Maybe you do too, in which case, go you!

…But the message is clear: banners are a powerful marketing tool. They are a simple, yet highly effective, means to increase brand awareness, inform about your event or product, promote your next sale, or to simply say…welcome home.

Kristine and Tom of our two Epic Print  locations are printing banners out everyday: vinyl, mesh, indoor, outdoor, window, matte, and double sided banners to shout out what you want people to know.

Marketing Banner
Read on for more banner tips!

Highlight Current Trends

This is a smart idea to keep current and stay ahead of the crowd. We offer stunning, up to date, even social media themed, banners that captivate. And don’t worry if you have no clue how to do this! We would love to help you with your artwork. Our design team will offer you brilliant ideas that will capture the personality of your message with modern layouts that dazzle and gratify.

Print Banners Regularly

Having banners printed regularly can greatly influence the spending of your customers. For instance, printing holiday themed banners to advertise your latest promotions keeps you current and advertises at the same time. There are several banner materials that can last you for years, so you can chose to reuse your banners time and time again.

IMG_21201 (1)

Think About Layout

You don’t always have to go horizontal. Sometimes hanging your message vertically can be eye-catching all on its own. It can depend on what you are trying to say. Is it a long message that needs to be read horizontally for greatest readability? Or is your message more about your logo, brand, and/or artwork that when displayed vertically has more outstanding impact?

Think About Material

Vinyl is our most popular choice as it can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Its durability makes it a top choice for many. Still, there are many materials, laminates, and prices that will help you choose a banner that is just right for your project.


Banners are a small investment for a powerful return. Call us today or come in and we’ll help you every step of the way!

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