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Promotional Products

Can you see it? Can you touch it?

Then, guess what? It is most likely available as a promotional product.

We at Epic Print have over 800,000 promotional products to choose from. And, if by some small chance, you think of something that isn’t in those 800,000 items, just let us know. We can probably find it for you.


Promotional products are a more powerful tool than you can imagine.

Per 100 attendees of trade shows who received a promo item:


  • 71.6 percent remembered the name of the business.*
  • 76.3 percent felt favorably toward the business who gave it to them.*
  • 73 percent mentioned that they used it at least once a week.  **
  • 45.2 percent found themselves using it once a day.**
  • 75.4 percent mentioned that the item was useful.**

*Georgia Southern University Study
**L.J. Market Research Study

Isn’t that amazing?

That’s why we at Epic Print decided to offer so many promotional product choices to our customers. We can give our customers anything they want.
—We have everything from lip balm, to flash drives, including apparel, computer accessories, bags, pens, drinkware, candy, buttons, clips, magnets, glowy stuff, wristbands, food, uniforms, pet products, sport ware, tools, umbrellas, and on, and on, and on…we can even make it eco-friendly for our awesome planet!

Promotional products pack such punch because of how they are able to deliver their message to a specific, target audience. When consumers like their stuff, use their stuff, they are then more likely to think good thoughts about the business who gave it to them. Yay!


Your company can do even better by marketing particular products for the focus of each trade show/event/talk, or even day of the week.


—In other words you will more successfully market to tech-savy patrons with tech stuff like headphones, flash drives, and car chargers. You will market more  successfully to sport’s fans with balls, hats, and t-shirts. See what we mean?

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