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Trade shows are cool!

Portable trade show booths, pop-up booths, velcro signs , roll up signs, crystal laminate, vinyl, accessories, promotional products, easel signs, banner stands, light-fast, waterproof, graphic design and you know…
everything else you can think of.

—My goodness, that list was getting long!


So let’s chat about trade shows…

Trade shows give you a tremendous networking opportunity.

You often get several, full seconds, of patrons walking by to catch their attention. That may not sound like much, but it’s far more than you typically get with single sign.


You may want big, bold beautiful colors to capture their eyes. You may want crisp, clear messages, to speak to their minds. You may want an assortment of promotional products  to get them to take a step closer, give you a chance to interact, learn more, and maximize the opportunity to turn them into a customer. Or…you may want it all.

Epic Print_ Promo Poster

Trade shows are way to increase your brand awareness by simply being there.

Choose to hand out some promotional products,  stickers to the kids, water bottles, or fun little gadgets. Everyone wants that stuff! Or even sell apparel: t-shirts, hats, and the like. Or, best yet, do it all! Your patrons then become your advertisers, flashing your logo every time they take a drink or put on their hat.

—Who wouldn’t want that?

Your booth and its overall presentation, are the visual display of your message. In other words, your booth shows passer-bys what you want to communicate.


Are you fun and catchy, or conservative and approachable, or simple and professional? We at Epic Print want designing your trade show products to be fun, easy, and spectacular!


Our design team can do it all. They can make recommendations on what products would speak to your particular message best. They can help design the print version of your vision. Or, they can take your existing designs and make them sing, inspire, and call your customers to action!

We at Epic Print  specialize in trade show display options. It is one of our most popular printing choices. We do it all the time, and we do it epically. Let us know your ideas and we’ll make your message stand out and above the rest. Promise.

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